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With all our teams experience over the years making websites and empowering peoples creativity on the web we decided to create a website framework that is user centric: simple, fast and affordable, with a hands on touch from professional developers you won't find on your usual site builders. So let us do the heavy lifting so that you can have the star quality website your company deserves!

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After ordering you will be granted access to your very own DevPress Dashboard and you can start adding all the content you wish to be displayed on your live site!


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Sit back, relax while one of our Professional DevPress Developers starts creating your very own site. In this time we will also gather your Hosting/Domain information ready to set up the live site once ready.


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And thats it! In 4 easy sets your website is up and ready for you to use and personalise even more. Our sites are simple to edit and highly flexible.

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With many years of experience making websites and empowering
peoples creativity on the web we decided to create a website framework that is user centric:
simple, fast and affordable. Yet with a Star Quality touch!


Star Quality Appearance

Now you are looking like a star. With this solution you get a fully launched easily customisable, professional website including interface, administration area and we even point your domain to the new website. We include site maintenance to make sure our product is always in perfect working order.


No time-waste

Theses sites are quick and easy for the user to create, all it takes is a little time from our Developers to help create your vision after you have added all the content you wish to be viewed on your site and our team will get to work on the rest! And as simple as that the site is ready to be used.


Money left

Although we guarantee a star quality, stylish, fully customisable website without the wait, we still wanted to keep it affordable for you! Our team also offers a quick and easy solution to keep your site maintained and up to date so that no issues will go unnoticed.


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The demo sites illustrates different end-result using same DevPress framework but different content and sections







Consultancy Agency



19 999 SEK

Full DevPress site

Fully responsive star quality website built by professional developer and  tweaked with your images, logotype, text and content.

Includes getting launched at your hosting provider or on our hosting partner platform (approximately 30 euro per month). Also we perform technical maintenance for the upcoming 12 months in order to keep the site and features up tp date and secure.

"After several years in this industry, I still enjoy piecing together the parts of someones brand into a new website and seeing it all come together."Ross

CTO of DevHouse and DevPress Developer

"Combining colors, shapes and different elements to create an interesting mix is a the challenge I'm passionate about."Alex

COO of DevHouse and Backend Specialist

"It’s great to add our years of web development experience into something that is not only quick and easy, but also with a hands on touch from the professionals, with minimal work on the clients end."Joel

Chief of Branding at DevHouse and Frontend Specialist

The DevPress Team

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DevPress is passionate about webdesign, about code, about creating user-friendly websites that make sense. We create new unique versions of DevPress everyday.


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